Industrial Mobile Lighting 

INMP82R is a rechargeable industrial mobile lighting, designed for a multitude of professional contexts, spanning maintenance, disaster relief, emergency response, construction and incident management. It features with horizontally and vertically rotational swive neck to shine light into the most out-of-the-way places. It's extendable to full height 2230mm with the stabilization legs fully deployed and locked within seconds, to increase the illumination area and achieve regional lighting functionality. Use it to light the way to your worksite and set it up quickly to illuminate the entire area.



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Non-explosive industrial area

Working ambient temp.:


Ingress protection:

IP65/66(without speaker)

Luminous flux:

2×2500lm (Floodlight)

2×2500lm (Spotlight)

2×5500lm ( Flood+Spot)

Run time:

>12h (Floodlight)

>12h (Spotlight)


Battery type:

42×21700 Lithium battery

Charging way:

Matched 1000/12-02-□ adapter

Charging time: