Goaltek Awarded DNV Ex-Proof Certifications


On June 19, 2023, renowned international risk management and certification company DNV presented ATEX and IECEx product certification, as well as explosion-proof management system certification, to Shenzhen Goaltek Electric Co., Ltd. (referred to as 'GOALTEK'). Mr. Zhang Wei, General Manager of GOALTEK, Ms. Li Aili, Technical Manager of GOALTEK, Mr. Li Xiang, Director of DNV Industrial Products Division, and Mr. Ren Zhihua, General Manager of DNV China's Explosion-Proof Technology, attended the certification ceremony.

(DNV China's Explosion-Proof Technology General Manager Mr. Ren Zhihua, DNV Industrial Products Division Director Mr. Li Xiang, GOALTEK Technical Manager Ms. Li Aili, and GOALTEK General Manager Mr. Zhang Wei from left to right)

GOALTEK's Breakthrough: DNV Grants Top Qualifications for 9 New Explosion-Proof Products

During the meeting, the two DNV representatives conducted a comprehensive and detailed qualification review of GOALTEK's newly launched nine portable explosion-proof lighting products and the company's explosion-proof management system. These nine portable explosion-proof lighting fixtures, which underwent the review, are the first batch of products developed by GOALTEK since its establishment. They successfully obtained the ATEX and IECEx explosion-proof qualifications from DNV with outstanding performance, earning recognition and praise from DNV experts. This not only demonstrates the safety and reliability of GOALTEK's products but also showcases the company's profound technical research and development capabilities and high-quality production standards, reaching a level of management that is challenging for conventional explosion-proof enterprises.

Cutting-Edge Safety: Innovative Features of New Explosion-Proof Products Unveiled

① Through intrinsic safety-based explosion-proof circuit design, the products are effectively and reasonably designed to ensure their own safety performance. They can be applied in zone 0/1/2 and zone 20/21/22 environments. 

② By utilizing high-quality nylon material PA12, the products are lighter and equally sturdy as aluminum alloys, while being more corrosion-resistant in chemical environments. 

③ With scientific product design and stringent quality control, the products achieve protection levels of IP66/67 and can be used in environments ranging from -40°C to +55°C. 

④ The constant current output circuit design is tailored to real working scenarios, better meeting the on-site usage requirements of users. 

⑤ The innovative integrated charging system significantly improves charging efficiency, reduces charging risks, and optimizes the charging environment.

In addition to highly recognizing and praising the nine portable explosion-proof lighting products, DNV representatives also greatly affirmed GOALTEK's work in the explosion-proof management system. They stated that the explosion-proof standards have always been comprehensive, stringent, and meticulous in this critical field of safeguarding human life and property. GOALTEK's attention to detail in the explosion-proof system reflects the company's high regard for explosion-proof standards. Under such high-standard system certification requirements, all of GOALTEK's explosion-proof work processes are conducted rigorously and systematically, adhering to the explosion-proof system certification requirements as the standard, fully complying with the standards of top-tier international explosion-proof enterprises.

At the end of this meeting, DNV representatives awarded GOALTEK the ATEX and IECEx international explosion-proof certification certificates for the nine portable explosion-proof lighting products. They expressed their hope that in the future, GOALTEK will continue to design, develop, and manufacture safer explosion-proof lighting products and work together with DNV to provide reliable protection for human life and property security.