Explosion Proof Headtorch

ExMP61R-1 is a rechargeable intrinsically safe explosion-proof headtorch that uses a 3.6V 3350mAh lithium battery. It is suitable for coal mine environments, Zone 0/1/2, and Zone 21/22. The headtorch can be bent up to 108°, providing more lighting angle options. The body is made of high performance Nylon, which has permanent anti-static, lightweight, corrosion-resistant, oil-resistant, and anti-aging properties. It has an IP66/67 protection rating, making it suitable for use in harsh environments. It is a safe and reliable explosion-proof lighting device.



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I,II Zone 0/1/2, and III Zone 21/22

Working ambient temp.:


Ingress protection:


Luminous flux:

≥220lm (Strong)

≥100lm (Work)

≥100lm (SOS)

Run time:

≥9h (Strong)

≥16h (Work)

Battery type:

Lithium battery (IEC 61233,IEC 61960)

Charging way:

Matched 1000/01-A61 charging base

Charging time:


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