Explosion Proof Torch

ExMP21N is an intrinsically safe explosion-proof torch, suitable for Zone 0/1/2 and Zone 21/22, powered by 2 AA alkaline batteries. The shell is made of high performance Nylon, which has permanent anti-static, lightweight, drop-resistant, corrosion-resistant, oil-resistant, and anti-aging characteristics. It has an IP66/67 protection level and can achieve headlamp lighting function through different accessories. It is a safe and reliable explosion-proof lighting equipment when working in hazardous areas.



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UsageI,II Zone 1/2, and III Zone 21/22
Working ambient temp.:-40°C≤Ta≤+55°C (T3)
-40°C≤Ta≤+50°C (T4)
Ingress protection:IP66/67
Luminous flux:≥80lm
Run time:≥9h
Battery type:2×LR6AA (IEC60086)

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